Trunetics was started by two brothers & triathletes originally from New York. With our combined experiences in the athletic world (including certifications in personal training, endurance race training and careers in the fitness industry where we worked directly with clients looking to make and maintain health and fitness goals), forming Trunetics was a natural next step.

A lifelong passion for athletics and fitness had us always seeking for ways to improve nutrition with our on-the-move lifestyles. So, we set out to offer the best possible nutritional supplements line. We design our Trunetics formulas with athletes & trainers and are inspired by everyone that’s looking to better their lifestyle through natural, healthy nutrients.

Today’s world moves at blazing speeds – work, family, errands, household responsibilities, commitments to others– all these things come at full speed and are relentless every day. Staying true to yourself and your health is tough. Whether you’re a full time triathlete, vegan body builder or a weekend warrior – making the right choices to supplement your lifestyle shouldn’t be confusing.

With all the choices out there, though, it can be difficult to know what brands are pure, honest and reliable. We want to help make it easy for you. With Trunetics, what you see is what you get! No hidden ingredients or fillers.

We want to help you be the absolute best version of yourself you can be – without harmful addictions, chemicals, toxins or other unwanted substances & side-effects. Our formulas have been researched and tested not only by us, but by members of our local athletic communities. We believe you should feel good about what you put in your body AND feel good FROM what you put in your body.

So, why “Trunetics”?



Can be defined as that which is in accordance with fact or reality. We like to think of this as the foundation for our supplement line. Truth is what we should all seek from our nutrition and lifestyle. And with Trunetics, truth is what you’ll get. We strive to be true (accurate and exact) and transparent in all that we do and in all of our products’ labels.


Human kinetics, or kinesiology, is the study of human biomechanical movement. The healthiest lifestyle is one with frequent and regular movement or motion. Sedentary lifestyles can be silent killers. Interacting with your environment leads to a more fulfilling, healthier lifestyle. We want to help keep you moving – keep your body in motion – with our line of products and supplements.

Our mission is simple – True Nutrition to keep You in Motion.