Detoxing Can Help To Reset Your System

Many of us are overly tired, stressed or burnt-out from daily life. It’s unfortunate how busy things have become in our modern world.

Taking time to detox can be critical to your health and wellness.

Detox isn’t scary like you may be thinking. There’s no week or two-week long “this ingredient/fluid” only for all meals. While this is done for some detox methods, we think of it as extreme and can sometimes cause more harm than good. Take time off from work (even if it’s just a day), replace your morning coffee with water, walk up the stairs vs taking the elevator – all of these things sound like simple life changes and they are. They can also be considered a detox as well.

Time off from work or a hectic schedule can help detox your stress and cortisol levels – this does WONDERS for your health.

Coffee is a very addictive stimulant that can cause us to burn out over time. Try taking 5-7 days off from it. It’s certainly tough at first, but when the body starts to balance back out you’ll find a cleaner more meaningful energy & focus everyday. Our Tru Focus formula never hurts as a new part of your routine either.

Add in simple exercise patterns, like the stairs or walking places vs driving. This can help detox negative self-worth feelings by making you feel more confident, productive and healthy overall.

Detox your life. Start small and work up towards the bigger stresses. Then, replace those bad habits with healthy ones and watch the positive lifestyle set in!