Get the Clutter Out

Our lives are hectic and fast paced. Throw in a grab bag or poor nutrition & exercise and you’re on the path to a destructive lifestyle.

Multitasking and added clutter in your life make this a perpetual cycle. Start by removing things from your plate (both metaphorically and actually). Keeping things simple can help to de-clog and de-clutter your lifestyle. This will allow for better nutrition, exercise and the ability to focus on what’s important.

Plan downtime or rest blocks in your days and weeks. In our lifestyles my brother and I have often found the most creative free thinking time periods come from when we’re properly rested and relaxed. Our minds don’t seem to function well or think clearly when we’re stressed or juggling 25 things just to get through the day.

Take time out, clear your mind and re-introduce things in a concise & well throughout manner. It’s awesome what we can achieve when we approach things with a calm and focused energy 🙂