Mix It Up – Your Routine & Formulas

Today’s post talks about two important things – Nutrition & Exercise. Together these are powerful things that can shape your body (both physically and mentally). Setting lifestyle goals for both of these aspects is extremely important.

What can you do if your daily routine becomes stagnant and boring though? Mix it up! Try a new workout routine or machine at the gym if you’re doing the same old exercises. Try taking a class! It’s a great way to move your body differently and meet new people.TRUNETICS TruProtein v.1 Sample

With your nutrition – this is an even easier area to change up. Instead of eating something you know you’ll enjoy (and you’ve become used to) – Mix it up! Try a different spice, seasoning or ingredient. Even easier – try mixing up your smoothie ingredients too. While our Tru-Protein v.1 powder formula won’t be changing anytime soon – you can add a different ingredient to explore new flavors. Maybe a little peanut butter or chocolate chips perhaps? You decide!

Mixing things up can help to re-spark your interest in the daily routines that become mundane and overly repetitive.

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